Selection Process

Nominees need to demonstrate exceptional and sustained achievement related to pluralism. Nominees can originate from a range of disciplines. An international jury of independent experts will evaluate submissions using the following criteria.


Innovation is contextual; an initiative or approach may be innovative in a given country or society. The Award recognizes innovative approaches to promoting the inclusion. Innovation can happen in four ways:

  • Product innovation: a good or service to advance pluralism that is new or significantly improved (e.g.: an online platform or application that enables members of different ethnic groups to communicate openly).
  • Process innovation: a new or significantly improved method or practice to advance pluralism (e.g. a new approach to community dialogue that enables groups to better express their concerns).
  • Communication innovation: a new or significantly improved communication method involving changes in product design, placement and promotion (e.g. a diversity training that uses graphics and social media in unique ways).
  • Institutional innovation: new organizational methods, structures, policies, workplace organization or external relations (e.g.: a new policy to include diverse groups into the workforce).

Measuring impact in the field of pluralism is a complex task. When measuring impact, the Award focuses on the direct results of an individual’s or organization’s activities. Nominees must demonstrate that their achievements:

  • Have clearly advanced pluralism.
  • Have significantly improved the inclusion of diverse individuals or groups in the economy, society, culture, politics, health services, education sector, etc.
  • Have a high likelihood of long-term sustainability.

Nominees must demonstrate, either through their institution’s policies or individual efforts, that they have made an exceptional and sustained commitment to the inclusion of diverse individuals.


  • Nominees applying as institutions must have equality and diversity and inclusion reflected in their human resource policies, and in the composition of their staff, membership and activities.
  • Nominees applying as individuals must demonstrate that they have defended and supported pluralism principles in their professional and personal lives.
31 August 2016 Nomination process closes Nominations will be accepted until 5 p.m. EST.
September –
November 2016
Application processing and eligibility screening The Centre’s Secretariat processes and screens the nominations received.
January –
February 2017
Final selection An independent international Jury composed of seven experts reviews submissions and selects the three awardees.
November 2017 Award Ceremony  The Award is presented to the awardees at the international headquarters of the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa, Canada.


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