2021 Global Pluralism Award Update

At the Global Centre for Pluralism, we are deeply aware of the impacts of the health crisis around the world due to COVID-19. Social distancing measures and economic uncertainty are also causing unprecedented disruption in the operations of many organizations.

More than ever, we believe that inclusion should be at the heart of all public health, economic and political decision-making. We hope societies choose the path of compassion and connection, rather than division. We are inspired by the numerous people and organizations that, in the midst of this crisis, continue to counter xenophobia, support refugees and build connections across groups. Their work deserves to be recognized and supported more than ever. That is why, we continue to welcome nominations and applications for the 2021 Global Pluralism Award.

In light of the crisis, however, and to enable candidates from the most affected countries to complete their submissions, we are reviewing the deadline for submissions. We will be communicating any changes soon.