Selection Process

Nominees need to demonstrate exceptional and sustained achievement related to pluralism. Nominees can originate from a range of disciplines. An international jury of independent experts will evaluate submissions using the following criteria.

  • Relevance to pluralism

    Candidates need to demonstrate an exceptional and sustained contribution to pluralism. The Centre defines pluralism as an ethic of respect for human differences. Pluralism is a positive response to diversity, grounded in mutual recognition and respect. Pluralism results from the daily decisions taken by state institutions, civil society organizations and individuals to recognize and value human differences. Belonging is the goal of pluralism. Every individual must feel valued as a full and contributing member of society.

    Inclusive societies are promoted by a wide range of actors from multiple disciplines including, but not limited to, legal reform, human rights, democracy promotion, social cohesion, education, ethnic relations, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, migration and integration, etc.

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  • Impact

    Measuring impact in the field of pluralism is a complex task. When measuring impact, the Award focuses on the direct results of an individual’s or organization’s activities. Nominees must demonstrate that their achievements:

    • Have clearly advanced pluralism.
    • Have significantly improved the inclusion of diverse individuals or groups in the economy, society, culture, politics, health services, education sector, etc.
    • Have a high likelihood of long-term sustainability.
  • Authenticity

    Nominees must demonstrate, either through their institution’s policies or individual efforts, that they have made an exceptional and sustained commitment to the inclusion of diverse individuals.


    • Nominees applying as institutions must have equality and diversity and inclusion reflected in their human resource policies, and in the composition of their staff, membership and activities.
    • Nominees applying as individuals must demonstrate that they have defended and supported pluralism principles in their professional and personal lives.


30 April 2020Submission process closesSubmissions will be accepted until 5 p.m. Eastern Time.
May –
December 2020
Submission processing and initial screeningThe Centre’s Secretariat processes and screens the nominations received. Some candidates may be required to provide additional documentation.
February 2021Jury meetingAn independent international Jury  of experts reviews submissions and selects a shortlist. Unsuccessful candidates are notified.
March – May 2021Site visits to shortlisted candidatesAs part of the due diligence, the Centre’s Secretariat may visit some of the shortlisted candidates in person. The scope, date and length of the visit will be agreed with candidates beforehand.
June 2021Final Jury decision Award winners and honourable mention recipients are selected and notified.
September 2021Public announcement of Award winners Awareness-raising and in-country press conferences follow.
Late 2021Award ceremony The Award is presented.