Afghanistan My Love Exhibition Opening Reception at the Aga Khan Museum

October 18, 2022

Toronto, Canada

In October, the Aga Khan Museum hosted an opening reception for Afghanistan My Love, an exhibition featuring the work of art collective ArtLords and Afghan-Canadian artist Shaheer Zazai.

Located in the Museum’s Temporary Exhibition Gallery, Afghanistan My Love highlights Afghanistan as a place of cultural richness, diversity, and deep love. Visitors can travel through ArtLords’ past community murals painted all over the world as well as paintings transferred from their gallery in Kabul. The exhibit is filled with imagery that draws inspiration from the people, culture, and natural world of both Canada and Afghanistan. It demonstrates how art can be used as a powerful medium for connection during times of adversity. The exhibition offers visitors a glimpse into an Afghanistan which is more than a physical place — it is a home, a memory, and an identity.