In this section you will find some of the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question in this page, please contact us.

  • What is the Global Pluralism Award?

    The Global Pluralism Award was born out of the reality that building inclusive societies requires great effort but often comes with little recognition or support. The Award recognizes and supports individuals, organizations, governments, and other entities that are tackling the challenge of living peacefully and productively with diversity. It aims to celebrate those who are working towards a world where differences are valued and diverse societies prosper.

    Award winners receive funding to help further their work promoting pluralism. Each winner receives $50,000 CAD as well as in-kind support from the Global Centre for Pluralism.

  • Who manages the Award?

    The Award is an initiative of the Global Centre for Pluralism, an international research and education centre located in Ottawa, Canada. The Award is managed by a dedicated secretariat based in the Centre’s office in Ottawa.

  • How often is it awarded?

    The Award is presented to three recipients once every two years.

  • Who is eligible?

    Individuals and institutions (public, private and civil society) are eligible for the Award. You can find a detailed list of eligible nominees here.

  • Which countries are eligible?

    As a global Award, we welcome nominations from any country around the world.

  • How can I apply/nominate someone?

    Submissions are accepted from nominators or from candidates themselves. Consideration by the Jury will not depend on the type of submission.


    Step 1: The nominator provides basic information about themselves and the candidate. One nominator can nominate multiple candidates.
    Step 2: The Centre notifies the candidate of their nomination. The candidate completes a “Candidate Form.”
    Step 3: The candidate is responsible for submitting the completed form before the assigned deadline.
    Step 4: Both nominator and candidate receive a confirmation email.


    Step 1: The candidate creates an online profile and completes a “Candidate Form.”
    Step 2: The candidate is responsible for submitting the completed form by the assigned deadline.
    Step 3: The candidate receives a confirmation email.

  • When is the deadline to apply/nominate?

    Nominations for the 2023 Global Pluralism Award closed in June 2022. Nominations for the 2025 Global Pluralism Award will open in early 2024.

  • When will the Award winners be announced?

    Following a thorough selection and due diligence process, Award winners will be announced in October 2023. To stay up-to-date with Award news and activities, follow the Global Centre for Pluralism on Facebook and Twitter.

  • How are the Award winners determined?

    An independent international jury of experts will evaluate submissions using three main criteria: relevance to pluralism, innovation and authenticity.

  • How can the Award winners use the financial support?

    Three award winners will be given $50,000 each to further their work in support of pluralism. Award funds must be used for non-profit activities. Award winners will be required to submit a budget with the proposed way in which the funds will be used.

  • How is the financial support given to me or my organization?

    The Centre will enter into an agreement with each of the three award winners. The funds will be disbursed in three installments. Reporting on the use of the funds will be required in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency policies governing charities and the Income Tax Act.

  • Can I submit my nomination again in 2025?

    Candidates for the 2025 Award must not have submitted an application consecutively in both of the last two Award cycles (2023 and 2021). If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us at [email protected]