Beauty, Identity and Representation: A Conversation with Miss Rizos

October 18, 2022

Ottawa, Canada

The Centre hosted an event with Carolina Contreras, CEO and Founder of Miss Rizos on beauty, identity and representation. The event featured a conversation about Carolina’s journey starting a blog advocating for natural Afro-textured, curly hair, which evolved into a successful salon franchise, and onto a foundation dedicated to empowering young women and girls. Miss Rizos has empowered thousands of women and girls to celebrate their identity and reconsider long-held ideas about beauty and representation, while contesting anti-Black racism.

Carolina was joined by Awilda Ravelo, Administrative Manager of Miss Rizos and the conversation was followed by a live curly hair care tutorial led by Senior Stylist Wendy Castillo. The Miss Rizos team also participated in a two-day staff training using the Centre’s space in Ottawa.