#KidsOffNauru Campaign and International Advocacy

In June 2018,  142 children were still being  held in Australia’s offshore detention camp on Nauru. The Human Rights Law Centre joined with World Vision, GetUp!, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the Refugee Council of Australia, and
doctors from around the country to launch a major public campaign to end the detention of children on Nauru.

The #KidsOffNauru campaign had two goals: to bring all refugee children on Nauru to safety by the end of 2018, and to increase public support for an end to Australia’s offshore detention policies. The Human Rights Law Centre played a critical role in the campaign through strategic advocacy, political outreach and by advising and supporting refugee families on Nauru, ensuring they understood the risks involved in being part of the campaign and preparing them for their interaction with the media.

The campaign triggered a dramatic shift in public opinion which, together with the court actions run by Daniel Webb and his team and partners, has secured freedom in Australia for almost every child previously detained on Nauru.

In addition, Daniel Webb addressed the UN Human Rights Council to secure unprecedented international scrutiny of Australia’s deterrence policies. Videos of Daniel’s speeches have generated over half a million views online and substantial international media coverage.