OXSCIE 2018 Symposium

June 19, 2018

Oxford, England

The Aga Khan Foundation and the Global Centre for Pluralism partnered with the University of Oxford to host the second annual Oxford Symposium on Comparative and International Education (OXSCIE) 2018. Alice Nderitu was invited to deliver the keynote address. The symposium brought together 150 participants from five sectors including education policy makers (i.e. ministries, think tanks, UN agencies and civil society), academics and researchers, donors, education practitioners (i.e. students, teacher and school leaders) and public opinion makers (i.e. filmmakers, journalists and activists).

The keynote address framed the discussions over the course of two days, inviting participants to consider the role of educators and educational systems in fostering the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes needed for students to succeed and thrive in conditions of uncertainty – to turn uncertainty into moments of opportunity and ‘human agency.’

Read Alice’s speech here